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8 point lift in Fulda and Frankfurt


The gentle, painless method for a radiant appearance

Do you want a youthful and fresh face without surgery? Then an 8 point lift (8 point lifting) and more precisely, its further development, the MD codes, is the suitable lifting method for you. The 8 point facelift is a modern and gentle method that works with the latest generation of hyalurons and makes your face look fresher, more alert, more youthful and friendlier in a natural way. For this procedure, 8 points and their anatomical subunits in the face are targeted, which are of particular importance for our appearance. At these 8 points we inject hyaluron using a gentle method. This compensates for the loss of volume, an uplift, the hanging cheeks disappear, the chin contour (jawline) is recognizable as a straight line again, the teardrop is weakened and thus the formerly negative expression of the face (tired, sad, limp, hanging) is transformed into positive expressiveness . This also means effective skin tightening from the inside.

The advantages of 8 point lifting (MD codes) at a glance

  • Unlike the facelift with a scalpel, this treatment is painless to painless
  • You are immediately ready for use again after the 8 point lift (the MD codes) and the treatment only takes about 15-20 minutes,
  • The effects of the treatment are immediately visible and will improve in the next few weeks.
  • The result lasts up to 1-1½ years
  • The natural expression of your face is preserved.
  • The costs depend on the amount of hyaluron that is individually coordinated with you. With the help of the MD codes, a precise treatment plan is developed in advance, which transparently shows at which points (points) they are treated with which amount and with which hyaluronic acid. Predictable results are therefore possible using the MD Codes equation (similar to a mathematical formula).
  • We offer individual financing models – ask for them!

What the 8 Point Lift does

In the course of life there is progressive sagging skin. This is particularly evident from the following changes:

  • Sagging or sagging of the skin forms, so that the skin does not look tense, but slack. The former V-face shape turns into the opposite.
  • Small cheeks appear on the line of the chin.
  • The area under the eyes looks tired.

The 8 point lift (MD Codes) in our practices in Frankfurt and Fulda is the ideal method against these unpleasant phenomena. Operational facelifts are unnecessary.

The 8 points (MD codes) in detail

Beratungsgespräch zur FaltenbehandlungBasically, the position of the 8 points with their numerous subunits per half of the face are binding in beauty medicine. But of course we will coordinate the exact placement with you individually. There is a detailed preliminary discussion for this. The 8 points and their amazing effects are

  • Points 1 and 2 are located below the eyes. This is where volume is set to tighten the face and give it support against sagging. It is also possible to build up the cheeks, which brings youthfulness to the face and narrows the distance between the teardrop and cheekbones (less tired appearance!). This already reduces the nasolabial fold.
  • Point 3 relates to the tear duct or the middle face and reduces the volume reduction below the eyes. So the eyes look fresher.
  • Right next to the lower nose area is point 4, where the depth of the nasolabial fold next to the nose is eliminated. This will make your face look more youthful.
  • Point 5 is the corner of the mouth, which tilts downward with age. This is not only unfriendly and unapproachable, but also sad. Injection with hyaluronic acid makes this area more positive and friendly.
  • The front chin line represents point 6. The volume reduction around the chin and cheeks is processed here. Point 6 also counteracts hanging cheeks or a double chin.
  • Point 7 marks the chin line. As we get older, the jaws get a different angle. The cheeks start to sag and sags along the entire chin line appear. Point 7 is the starting point to deal with this.
  • The tissue in the lower cheek area also begins to hang. The natural aesthetics of the cheeks are lost (fish mouth aspect). Point 8 tightens the cheeks and gives them their original contour. The points for men are slightly different than for women, which defines the mark on the male face and must also be maintained.

Who is the 8 point lifting suitable for?

In most cases, an 8-point lifting (the MD Codes) is suitable from the first signs of aging to significantly improve the flaccidity of the face and to lift hanging parts. In some cases this may also be necessary from the age of 28, then of course with little material. The earlier you start, the better, since a pronounced aging does not even occur, which also protects your wallet. Basically, there is no upper age limit for this method. Men and women benefit equally. If this problem is particularly pronounced, this method can also make sense but then it may be necessary to combine it with other treatment techniques.

Depending on the finding, an injection can only take place at 4 points, e.g. a 4 point lift. Not 8, but only 4 points are treated with hyaluron. This is particularly useful if you want to keep your face looking young. Delay the changes caused by the aging process.

8 point lifting (MD codes) in Fulda and Frankfurt

Treatment includes the preliminary consultation, the exact localization of the points and the injection with hyaluron. This takes about an hour and can therefore be carried out even during the lunch break. Pain is almost not expected. The 8 points are anesthetized so that you hardly feel the injection. There can only be a slight feeling of pressure that quickly disappears. By using blunt needles when building up volume, unnecessarily large bruises are avoided, since the cannula displaces the blood vessels and does not pierce them.

Many years of medical experience for your radiant appearance!

The 8 point lifting (the MD codes) in our practice in Frankfurt or Fulda ensures an amazing, natural facial lift. You will see it already during the treatment: sagging or sunken areas of the skin have more volume, small and large wrinkles become smoother, the blush line appears firm again. In a very natural way, your face has a firm contour, a younger touch and more expression.

Our specialist Dr. med. Nicole David has many years of experience and special expertise in 8 point lifting (the MD Codes). She trained with Dr. Mauricio de Maio about the Allergan Medical Institute Academy, which speaks for a high level of quality. Let us advise you!

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