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Firm skin with a face lift in Fulda or Frankfurt

Are you now at an age when your facial features have changed due to subsidence? The elasticity and firmness of your skin have decreased? Do you want your youthful look back? A facelift is the most effective and long-lasting way to go through life youthfully and with almost no wrinkles. Studies also prove the extraordinary results of a face lift. Because of their firm and fresh skin, the affected patients are valued years younger and perceived by their environment as significantly more attractive, successful and healthier. Try it!

Praxis Contour: All lifting advantages at a glance

Beratung zur Faltenbehandlung

  • Natural results with lively facial features
  • Almost painless surgery with extremely few side effects
  • Hardly noticeable scars in or behind the hairline
  • Individual advice and extensive aftercare
  • Modern and innovative technical equipment
  • Fair prices and flexible financing models

What types of facelifts are there?

Rhytidectomy or facelift is an invasive procedure in the field of facial surgery that aims to lift and tighten the skin and the underlying tissue. The different methods of lifting differ in the type of cut, its scope and the region to be tightened. The entire face can be tightened, a cheek and neck lift or a temple lift carried out to counteract natural aging processes. An eyebrow lift, a midface lift, a forehead lift or a separate neck lift are also possible. If you shy away from an operation, but still want to benefit from a rejuvenated appearance, you can resort to thread lifting or a liquid lift.

The classic facelift

In traditional face lifting, a cut is made from the temples at the hairline down to the ear. Another cut leads from the back of the ear to the hairline in the neck and can also be longer depending on the extent of skin sagging. Additional incisions can be made for given indications. The detached skin areas are then pulled back tightly at the sides and upwards; the connective tissue in the subcutis is also set up. The excess skin is removed and the wound is sewn tension-free. If desired, the facial muscles can also be included in the facelift. This is also referred to as an SMAS facelift. The significantly more pronounced tightening effect is often used when a facial lift alone is not sufficient to tighten the neck area. However, this requires a further cut below the chin. The risk of complications is also higher. Due to the extensive operation, general anesthesia is usually the order of the day for classic facelifting.


The S-Lift is a modification of the SMAS-Liftings and differs from the classic facelift mainly in the cut. This runs in an S-shape and lifts the sunken tissue on the face and neck through several seams.

MACS lift

The so-called MACS-Lift is based on the S-Lift and stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lifting. As the name suggests, it is a medical procedure with a small cut and a pull of the hanging parts of the face upwards.

Mini facelift / soft lift

If only slight signs of aging are to be remedied, a mini facelift is the treatment of first choice. Only the skin is tightened and the skin incisions are smaller than with the classic face lift. A faster wound healing and less scarring can therefore be expected. With this method, usually only the areas of the chin area and cheeks are tightened. The incision on the back of the head is omitted, so that no large excess of skin can be removed. The cut runs along the ear in the natural skin fold up to the hairline just below the temple. The operation can be done in the twilight state of a local anesthetic or under general anesthesia.

What are the risks associated with a facelift?

In the meantime, the facelift has become a standard procedure in aesthetic facial surgery, so the risks are extremely low. Bleeding may occur in rare cases. Even the feared mask-like rigid appearance after the procedure is almost impossible for experienced specialists. Our specialists Dr. med. Nicole David and Dr. Thomas Feldhaus has been active in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery for a long time and can look back on over 50 years of experience together.

How does a face lift work in the Praxis Contour ?

Depending on the extent of the signs of aging, we will choose the best method for the face lift together with you. In any case, it must be decided whether a mini face lift, a neck lift or an eye lift is sufficient to tighten the face or whether a major intervention is necessary. In addition, the plastic-aesthetic surgeon must determine whether only the skin should be tightened or whether a multi-layer procedure should be used. Combination with an injection is also possible.

What happens after the facelift?

After lifting, a head bandage must be worn for a few days. Avoid excessive movements during the first few days. The facial muscles should be relieved and the head placed in an elevated position. The supine position is recommended for sleeping. The threads are removed after about 10 days. Depending on the procedure, all swellings have decreased after 3 weeks at the latest so that the patient can again actively participate in social life.

How are the facelift costs composed?

The facelift prices depend on the extent of the intervention and the method used. In general, the facelift costs vary between € 2,500 and € 10,000. In the case of treatment in the Praxis Contour, the desired appearance is in the foreground, so that the operation should in no way fail because of the costs. Therefore our prices are in the golden middle; Financing models are also possible. We are looking forward to your contact.

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