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Wrinkle treatment with MD codes in Frankfurt and Fulda


Innovative and individual

With the MD Codes we offer you an innovative method for long-lasting wrinkle reduction and holistic facial modeling. The concept is based on the individual anatomical basic structures of your face and therefore has the advantage of a particularly natural effect. The MD codes were developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio. They include structured contouring with face fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The high-quality filling substance is injected – according to the individual circumstances – according to precisely defined points.

In the experienced and trained hands of our Praxis Contour team, your face is modeled in such a way that a natural 3D effect is created and you can look forward to a youthful, fresh look. Our award-winning doctors Dr. med. Nicole David and Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus use all of their expertise for your attractiveness and satisfaction. We would be happy to advise you on the new possibility of wrinkle treatment in our practices in Frankfurt and Fulda.

Advantages of treatment according to MD codes

  • Quick intervention
  • No surgery necessary
  • Consideration of the individual anatomy
  • Natural effect
  • Visible results in a few minutes
  • Precise injection using MD codes
  • Less product volume with maximized impact
  • No scars

Faltenbehandlung mit MD Codes


What are MD codes?

The so-called MD codes define the subsegments of the individual parts of the face and a total of 75 possible injection points. They are developed by the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio from Brazil, who is also an expert in the field of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. As a member of the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plastica, the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery, de Maio developed a guide to face contouring with fillers from Allergan’s Juvederm® Vycross® series. On his worldwide Mauricio de Maio Tour in recent years, de Maio presented the procedure and its advantages. Based on the defined subsegments, the latest generation of hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected into the face. In his guide to contouring, the Brazilian surgeon gives precise information on each of the 75 injection points. The injection volume, the injection technique, the filler material that can be used and the needle or blunt cannula to be used for it are documented in detail, as is the depth of the injection (e.g. whether injected on or under the muscle). The emotional attributes are carefully analyzed beforehand. The patient has to smile, look angry and imitate baby crying. This is the only way to see the depth of wrinkles / muscle play in the facial expression, which also determines the planning of the injection points.

Which products are used for the MD codes?

Produkte für Faltenbehandlung mit MD Codes

Which products are used?

In the case of Dr. Mauricio de Maio developed MD codes, innovative products from the Juvederm® Vycross® series are used. With their natural active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, the products help to smooth wrinkles and replenish the volume of the skin, which corresponds to a lifting effect. Thanks to the patented Vycross® technology, the special needs of each face area can be covered. The products contain the local anesthetic lidocaine (0.3%) for a high level of treatment comfort and to minimize pain during the procedure.

A special feature of the Juvederm® series is the deep tissue integration. The filler connects to the tissue after just 7 days and is firmly attached within 4 weeks. The patented Vycross® technology also combines low-molecular with high-molecular hyaluron chains, so that an efficient cross-linking of the molecules is created, which in turn enables a long duration of action. In this way, the filler achieves a natural and long-lasting result.

The Juvederm® Vycross® products at a glance

Use of Juvederm® Volift with Lidocaine:

  • Face contouring on cheeks, chin and mouth area
  • Treatment of very deep wrinkles
  • Bottom line: 18 months shelf life

Use of Juvederm® Volite:

  • Improve skin quality
  • Bottom line: 9 months shelf life

Use of Juvederm® Voluma with Lidocaine:

  • Increase the volume share in the area of ​​cheek and chin
  • Bottom line: 24 months shelf life

Use of Juvederm® Volbella with Lidocaine:

  • Treatment of small expression lines
  • Correction in the area of ​​the lips
  • Bottom line: 12 months shelf life

Use of Juvederm® Volux with Lidocaine:

  • Treatment of the chin and chin line (jawline) for a firm, clear contour
  • Removal of the strawberry chin relief and consolidation of the chin line
  • Shelf life up to 2 years

Which areas can be treated with MD codes?

Thanks to the innovative hyaluronic acid injection method with MD codes, visible results can be achieved within a few minutes. The skin appears less saggy, the overall appearance younger and more attractive. The volume on the chin, cheeks and temples is increased without surgery. The technique is also well suited for the correction of narrow lips, lip wrinkles and dark circles, as well as for repairing the contour of the chin cheek.

How does the treatment work according to MD codes?

Based on an analysis of the individual anatomical conditions of your face, we create your personal treatment plan. We determine the necessary injection points within the relevant areas of the face. Following the guidelines of Dr. Mauricio de Maio, the hyaluronic acid injection is not made directly under the wrinkles. Rather, the anatomical points at which the loss of volume due to fat loss leads to the formation of the visible fold group are decisive. The injection points at these points – the MD codes – are very important for the natural reconstruction of the facial areas.

In the treatment according to MD Codes in Frankfurt or Fulda, the hyaluronic acid is injected deep under the skin, where the body’s own tissue is missing. The result is a very natural look. Our goal is to restore your unique, personal appearance. A change in the facial features is excluded.

Before each treatment, the area to be treated is anesthetized with a syringe or cream. In order to avoid nerve injuries, only very thin needles or cannulas, so-called magic needles or blunt cannulas, are used for the intervention according to MD codes. They reduce swelling and bruising. By lightly massaging the filler is evenly distributed, which leads to a natural look.

What should be considered after the treatment?

Cooling is necessary after the filler treatment has been completed. Make-up can then be applied again. Small bumps may occur after the injection. These arise due to water retention and disappear on their own within a few hours.

Do you have any questions about treatment with MD codes in Fulda or Frankfurt?

Use the professional competence of our doctors Dr. med. Nicole David and Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus. Both have over 50 years of professional experience in neurosurgery and plastic surgery. Our teams in Fulda and Frankfurt will be happy to answer any questions you may have about MD codes and plastic aesthetic treatments. Book a personal consultation now in our practice rooms in Frankfurt am Main or Fulda by telephone or online!

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