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Upper eyelid lift in Fulda and Frankfurt

With the droopy eyelid surgery for a radiantly beautiful look

Do you want expressive and shining eyes? An attractive look and a youthful look?

Aesthetic plastic surgery lets the first signs of the aging process, such as drooping eyelids – so-called drooping eyelids – disappear gently and effectively. Even a small intervention in the upper eyelid crease has a clear effect, which optically rejuvenates the eye area.

In our practices in Fulda and Frankfurt you benefit from the extensive expertise of our specialist Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus. This has many years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery and enables you to receive individual treatment according to your personal wishes.

The benefits of upper eyelid surgery

  • An alert and meaningful look
  • Younger appearance
  • The expansion of the field of vision
  • Scars are not visible
  • Short regeneration phase

Why a drooping eyelid surgery makes sense

An open look from bright, alert eyes conveys youthfulness, attractiveness and self-confidence. It greatly facilitates exchange and communication with the other person – regardless of whether in everyday life, privately or even at work.

Unfortunately, the tender and thin skin and the tissue around our eyelids lose elasticity and resilience with age. The result: the skin slackens and the upper eyelid begins to sag. The look looks tired and the entire face loses its radiance.

The tired eyes can be concealed with make-up tricks, whereby the result has only a minor effect. In some cases, the sagging of the upper eyelids is so pronounced that it is no longer possible to apply makeup. A much more effective way to remove droopy eyelids is to correct droopy eyelid surgery – a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat deposits. This method is associated with a very low risk and is one of the most common operations in plastic surgery.

Are you interested in eyelid surgery or have you already decided to have your drooping eyelids operated? We would be happy to inform you about possible risks, the process and the expected result of the droopy eyelid surgery in Frankfurt or Fulda – personally in our practices.

Who benefits from upper eyelid surgery?

Hanging eyelids are perceived as extremely unpleasant in many cases and can even restrict the field of vision considerably. The causes can be very different: as a rule, drooping eyelids arise as a result of the natural skin aging process and can form in every person.

Whether, when and how strongly this aesthetic problem arises depends on both external factors such as sun exposure or pronounced facial expressions, and on hereditary factors. In some people, the drooping upper eyelids arise as a child and are genetically determined. Middle and advanced age women are most often affected.

Basically, an upper eyelid correction can be carried out for age-related as well as for genetic drooping eyelids. Of course, before the intervention in the Praxis Contour, a detailed consultation with possible complications is carried out.

The treatment procedure for upper eyelid surgery in Frankfurt or Fulda

The drooping eyelid surgery in Frankfurt and Fulda is a standardized procedure that we regularly carry out in our practices. With the upper eyelid lift, excess skin and irritating fat on the patient’s eye are removed by a small incision, the muscle tissue is tightened. Visible scars are prevented thanks to the finest threads.

In order to create an authentic result, the eye area is reconstructed, paying special attention to the natural features of your face. This is the only way to achieve a rejuvenated, yet authentic look with the upper eyelid lift. With the help of highly professional surgical techniques, the end result will literally make your eyes shine – a small operation with a big impact.

We respond to your needs

We want you to feel comfortable with us. So you decide how your treatment should go. In a personal consultation, our specialist Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus dedicates to your very own ideas and wishes. In our practices in Fulda and Frankfurt, we take a lot of time to develop an optimal treatment concept for your individual needs.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together the most important questions and answers so that you are well informed about the upper eyelid lift in Fulda and Frankfurt. Of course you can contact us by phone if you have any further questions and arrange a personal conversation.

How long does a drooping eyelid surgery last?

A very long-term result can be assumed for the upper eyelid correction, which varies depending on the genetic disposition and skin stress. On average, you can enjoy the positive result of eyelid surgery for about ten years.

How long should I cool after the upper eyelid lift?

After the drooping eyelid surgery, you should cool your eyes for a few hours – this can prevent long-lasting bruising and severe swelling of the eyelids. Of course, you can continue cooling if necessary for the first week.

How long does the upper eyelid lift last?

Depending on the scope of the treatment, a drooping eyelid surgery takes about one to one and a half hours and is performed on an outpatient basis in one of our practices in Fulda or Frankfurt.

How do I get anesthetized when removing the drooping eyelids?

Basically, a drooping eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia and with simultaneous anesthesiological participation.

Do I get bruises from the drooping eyelid surgery?

Immediately after the operation there will be slight to moderate swelling of the eyes, which will largely subside after a few days. In addition, more or less pronounced bruises will form around the eyes. In rare cases, the white part of the eyeball may become cloudy – this also regresses quickly and does not impair vision in any way.

How much does a drooping eyelid surgery cost in Fulda?

The costs for the operation of the drooping eyelids vary depending on the scope of the procedure and are calculated individually by our plastic surgeon.

More quality of life through eyelid surgery

Would you like to remove your drooping eyelids and have the upper eyelid tightened? The Praxis Contour in Fulda or Frankfurt is the right place for you! We would be happy to address your concerns in a personal consultation – completely relaxed and in a pleasant atmosphere.

Call us! Our employees are at your disposal for questions of any kind.

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