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Intimate surgery

Labioplasty, vaginal tightening & hymen reconstruction in Fulda and Frankfurt

Are you a modern woman of today and pay great attention to your external appearance? Are you unsatisfied with your genital area and maybe even really unhappy? Our specialists will be happy to help you with an aesthetic intimate correction and advise and treat you competently in our two practices in Fulda and Frankfurt in matters of intimate surgery. For example, you can enlarge or reduce the labia with us (labioplasty), surgically restore the hymen, tighten the vagina or get vaginal dryness treated.

Your advantages in a nutshell

  • Increased sensation of pleasure by narrowing the vagina
  • Less pain during intercourse by reducing the size of the labia
  • New “virginity” through hymen reconstruction
  • Greater self-confidence when wearing tight clothing
  • Outpatient and gentle treatments
  • Financing options & installments
  • Patient ratings from 1.0 on Jameda

Years of experience in treatments for the female genital area

Our doctors Dr. med. Nicole David and Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus can look back on over 50 years of experience in neurosurgery and plastic and aesthetic surgery. Their areas of focus also include intimate surgery / intimate treatment, which not only serves for a perfect appearance, but can also significantly improve the love life with minimal intervention.

An overview of our intimate treatment service

Beratungsgespräch mit einem Arzt vor einer IntimchirurgieHormonal changes in the menopause, a sinking of the pelvic floor due to pregnancy and childbirth or skin irritation due to labia large: The causes of an intimate surgery are varied. There are also aesthetic reasons. After all, many women find their genital area not beautiful and therefore want a labia reduction or a labia correction. We perform this in the form of a labioplasty, this means in a smaller surgery. The venous mound can also be embellished with autologous fat, hyaluronic acid or liposuction, or the vagina tightened.

Women who have to get married as a virgin and are not a virgin anymore due to premarital sexual intercourse or experience of violence can have the hymen sewn with us in a hymen surgery and thus have the opportunity to experience their wedding night with an intact hymen. Vaginal dryness can be remedied by hydration or a G-spot injection with hyaluronic acid. Most of the time this surgical intervention also goes hand in hand with an improvement in love life.

Treatment options for vaginal dryness

Sometimes very young women suffer from vaginal dryness who, due to bad experiences at the first time or a strict upbringing, have difficulty letting themselves fall into the act. But vaginal dryness is usually a problem for menopausal women and is caused by hormonal changes. Vaginal dryness can also result from taking the contraceptive pill, an existing pregnancy or by removing the ovaries. Other reasons include mental health problems or diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. In the women concerned, the dryness of the vagina often causes great suffering and pain during intercourse. Often there is a complete avoidance of the act and thus a high risk of separation. The vaginal dryness can be treated minimally invasively by hydration of the vagina using hyaluronic acid or a G-spot injection. The G-spot is located about four to five centimeters away from the entrance of the vagina along the ureter, and can be injected either with hyaluronic acid or with your own fat.

With a treatment time of around 30 minutes, the simpler and faster procedure is the use of hyaluronic acid. In the second method, the patient’s own fat is first taken from the patient’s abdomen or thigh under a light anesthetic and processed before it can be injected into the corresponding area around the G-spot with very thin syringes. In order to burden our patients as little as possible, we only use hyaluronic injection in our practices in Fulda and Frankfurt.

Labia correction and labia injection

A labia correction often involves a reduction in the size of the inner labia. So it bothers most women who opt for a labia reduction that the inner labia are too large and stand out in bikini bottoms or tight clothing. However, some women also have an anatomical problem because painful inflammations repeatedly occur in the genital area around the clitoris when the labia rubs against the panties. In particularly severe cases, a reduction in the size of the outer labia may even be considered. Depending on your needs and medical indication, we also spray the labia. All operations are carried out under twilight or general anesthesia. Then the area should be cooled moderately and cycling or motorcycling and riding avoided for four weeks.

Vaginal tightening through Geneve by Viveve treatment

We use the innovative Geneve by Viveve procedure to tighten the vagina, which narrows the vagina without any surgical correction and restores the sensation of pleasure. It is an intimate correction without risks and pain that starts at the cellular level and uses the body’s natural ability to regenerate. During intimate surgical treatment, the superficial vaginal tissue is cooled by the Viveve system and heated in depth by radio waves. In this way the blood circulation is increased and the new formation of collagen and elasthin is promoted.

Hymen reconstruction

A hymen surgery has a lot to do with questions of belief. After all, a virgin marriage is considered elementary in some cultures. In our practices in Fulda and Frankfurt, the hymen can be restored with a small intervention. In this way, the edges of the torn cuticle are sewn together during intimate surgery. If there are not enough remains for suturing, the hymen can also be reconstructed through the vaginal mucosa. The intimate operation is performed on an outpatient basis under local or twilight sleep anesthesia and lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours; the suture material is absorbed by the body. After the procedure, physical rest should be maintained for 2 to 3 days and no sport should be practiced until it has completely healed.

It starts with a trusting conversation

Intimate surgery is a very sensitive area and it will certainly take some effort to take the first step. But no matter whether you are interested in the reconstruction of your hymen, a G-spot injection or the correction of your labia, just contact us in Fulda or Frankfurt. In a trusting conversation we will clarify together how we can help you.

Any questions? Please call us

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