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Tummy tuck in Frankfurt and Fulda

With the tummy tuck to new enjoyment of life

A well-shaped, taut stomach is the wish of many women and men – regardless of age. A healthy diet and exercise are not always sufficient to achieve the personal figure of choice. Especially after a diet with extreme weight loss or pregnancy, the abdominal wall may be sagging and cannot regress on its own. The reasons for this are torn or sagging connective tissue structures of the subcutis.

Even the most intensive training of the body does not lead to tightening of the overstretched skin. Remedy here is the surgical removal of the slack tissue with the removal of excess skin. Abdominoplasty is a valuable treatment that can restore the natural shape of the abdomen.

Are you interested in a tummy tuck in Frankfurt or Fulda and would you like advice? In the Praxis Contour, you benefit from the extensive expertise of our plastic-aesthetic surgeon Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus. As a longstanding plastic surgeon, this enables you to receive comprehensive advice with a treatment tailored to your needs.

Advantages of tummy tuck in Frankfurt and Fulda

  • Appealing aesthetic result
  • Increasing self-esteem and quality of life
  • Relief of the remaining connective tissue
  • Improve posture
  • increased mobility

Who is a tummy tuck suitable for?

The tummy tuck is suitable for people who have lost a lot of weight as well as for women whose skin has suffered a severe loss of tension after pregnancy.

Abdominoplasty is primarily carried out when the abdominal wall has relaxed. It is wrongly assumed that this slackening is a sign of being overweight. In reality, however, the opposite is the case: the so-called sagging belly is usually associated with the loss of adipose tissue. The sagging of the abdominal skin often occurs as a result of excessive weight loss or pregnancy. The connective tissue of the abdominal skin is overstretched by the extreme stress and can no longer recede independently. The abdominal wall muscles are also overstretched in some cases. In rare cases, rectal diastasis – the midline fracture – can occur. This drifts apart the vertically extending abdominal muscles, which leads to a very wide waist.

With the help of a tummy tuck, the tissue can adapt to its original shape. In the course of the treatment, disruptive scarring (which was caused by a caesarean section) and fat aprons can be removed.

What is a tummy tuck?

A fat apron surgery aims to improve the abdominal region. The slackened tissue is tightened downwards, excess skin flaps (skin folds) are removed. The navel is moved accordingly. In the event that the patient has a midline fracture – i.e. a rectal diastasis – the straight abdominal muscles can also be joined together.

Tummy tuck procedure in Frankfurt and Fulda

Are you interested in a tummy tuck in Fulda or Frankfurt? Praxis Contour enables treatment tailored to your personal needs. The most modern plastic surgery procedures are used in our practices. The intervention is carried out by Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus.

Intensive anamnesis and advice before each operation

A prerequisite for the tummy tuck in the Praxis Contour in Fulda and Frankfurt is a detailed consultation with anamnesis. Particular attention is paid to the examination of the abdominal skin so that unnecessary risks can be excluded. Dr. Feldhaus is at your disposal for questions of any kind. Of course, you will also be informed about the course of the operation, preventive and follow-up care as well as possible complications and risks.

What should be considered before the operation?

Before the tummy tuck, no blood-thinning painkillers should be taken for about 14 days before the procedure. Due to the resulting delay in blood clotting, these can cause rebleeding. In addition, women should avoid hormone-containing drugs such as birth control pills or estrogen preparations before the procedure. In the best case, the consumption of alcohol and nicotine should be reduced to a minimum.

Operation by our specialist

As a rule, the operation for a flat stomach under general anesthesia is carried out and is associated with an inpatient stay in a clinic. Depending on the method, the operation takes between one and a half and three hours. Depending on how much the skin is sagging, the method of surgery also varies.

The final intervention depends heavily on the physical requirements and the individual ideas of the patients. A tummy tuck incision is made over the pubic bone. This can be horizontal, curved or anchored. The belly button is then separated from the tissue of the skin using a round cut. The excess skin is removed from the abdominal wall between the abdominal incision and the ribs.

If necessary, the straight abdominal muscles are additionally tightened. At the end of the tightening, the plastic surgeon in most cases drains so that blood and wound secretions can drain more easily.

Comprehensive aftercare

Beratungsgespräch mit einem Arzt vor einer Intimchirurgie
Immediately after the operation, the patient is put on a bandage and suitable compression garments or a tummy bandage. This prevents the cavities created during the procedure from filling up with blood, tissue fluid or even dissolved fat, thereby creating knots or scars. Bandage and drainage can be removed just a few days after tummy tucking. Compression underwear should always be worn for four to six weeks – day and night. Most patients experience bruising and mild pain after the procedure, which in most cases resolve within several days to weeks. As with other surgical procedures, swellings occur after the fat apron surgery – with a tummy tuck especially in the area of ​​the abdomen.

Frequently asked questions about tummy tuck

Abdominal wall plastic surgery is a comparatively large procedure that should be planned well. In order to be able to answer the most important questions before the first consultation, we have summarized the most common questions about abdominoplasty in Frankfurt and Fulda:

What does a tummy tuck cost?

The cost of tummy tuck varies depending on the extent of the procedure and the relaxation of the abdomen. The tummy tuck costs also depend on the stay in the clinic, the anesthetic and the duration of the operation. Our treating doctor Dr. Feldhaus will be happy to advise you in a personal consultation.

Abdominoplasty: Costs covered by health insurance?

The question of the assumption of costs for a tummy tuck is justified. After all, the excess skin – especially after heavy weight loss – is a significant burden for many sufferers. Nevertheless, the tummy tuck is generally considered a private benefit that is not covered by the statutory health insurance.

When can a tummy tuck be done after pregnancy?

Unfortunately, after pregnancy, there is a possibility that the extremely stretched skin cannot completely recede. In this case, tummy tuck is an effective treatment that helps affected women get back to their previous figure and flat stomach. At least 6 to 12 months should pass after birth until the tummy tuck surgery can be performed.

When is the ability to work restored after the tummy tuck?

Depending on the body’s reaction, it is possible that you will be temporarily unable to work after the procedure. This depends primarily on the degree of sagging skin and the extent of the tightening of the abdominal skin. Moderate exercise is fundamentally beneficial to the healing process, although sporting activities should be paused for about six to eight weeks

Abdominoplasty in Frankfurt and Fulda – best results in Praxis Contour

Are you interested in a tummy tuck in Fulda or Frankfurt? We would be happy to receive you in a personal consultation at Praxis Contour. In a discreet and pleasant atmosphere, you have the opportunity to ask personal questions and also learn everything you need to know about abdominal wall surgery, which our longstanding aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus performs according to the latest medical methodology.

A tummy tuck after pregnancy or heavy weight loss represents a way to a completely new way of life for many women, but also for men. It should be noted that this is an extensive operation, which in Praxis Contour only after intensive consultation is offered.

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