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Lip modeling


Splash lips and beautify in Fulda and Frankfurt

Would you like to have your lips enlarged? Do you want sensual and full lips or a youthful appearance Lippenunterspritzung an Patientinby smoothing out wrinkles? After an individual consultation, you can have your lips sprayed on, modeled and embellished.

You will meet our specialists in our two practices in Fulda and Frankfurt Dr. med. Nicole David and Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus and benefit from their years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery and neurosurgery.

An overview of your advantages

  • 6-12 months of treatment success after the first treatment with hyaluronic acid
  • 50 years of professional experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery and neurosurgery
  • Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus is a full member of the DGPRÄC
  • Different financing models / installment payments
  • Our customers rate us with a grade of 1.0 on Jameda

Successful treatment for your lips in the Praxis Contour for aesthetic plastic surgery

In our practices, we model your lips with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat.

For modeling your lips with hyaluronic acid, you can not only enlarge your lips, but also improve them visually. We beautify your lips with an injection into the skin on your lips. by asymmetry compensation,

  • with a smoothing of your lip wrinkles,
  • by building up your lip volume or
  • by raising the corners of your mouth and puppet folds.

In addition, the lip hyaluronic acid helps make dry, chapped lips a thing of the past. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body, which makes it very well absorbed by the body.

You can also let us spray your lips on the treatment with autologous fat. The advantage of this method is that there is no risk of an allergic reaction by injecting your own subcutaneous fat. In addition, the success of treatment is usually visible for longer.

Who benefits from lip modeling or lip augmentation?

Do you want your lips to look more youthful? Small wrinkles should disappear or should the contours be finer?

By treating your lip with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat, you can fulfill your desire for sensual lips with more volume.

The treatment of the lips is aimed at very different people and needs:

  • People with a desire for lip augmentation
  • Older women and men who want to have their wrinkles repaired around their mouth
  • Smokers with smokers’ wrinkles visible on their upper lips (“barcode”)

Depending on your individual wishes, you can enlarge, model and correct your lips in our practices. The success of the treatment depends on the method and the procedure itself. The duration of treatment success with hyaluronic acid is usually nine to 12 months. The result remains visible long before further intervention is necessary.

Process and aftercare of lip modeling

With both treatment methods for modeling your lips, our specialists perform an injection on your lips. In order to achieve a natural result, we proceed step by step with the injection.

Dr. Nicole David mit PatientinWhile we spray your lips when using hyaluronic acid with a commercially available filler (we only use high-quality hyaluronic acids with a direct supply from the manufacturer!), We first remove suitable material for your own fat treatment from your subcutaneous fatty tissue. In the next step, we will perform a lip injection on the material for you.

If we spray your lips, irritation may occur immediately after the treatment. Blue spots around the puncture sites may also be visible. For follow-up care, we recommend cooling your lips only on the day of treatment, as a result of which the irritation usually subsides more quickly. The following days should not cool you down as this could lead to reactive hyperemia with even more swelling. In addition, you should do without sports, sauna, solarium, etc. 2 days later. Self-massage of the lip is also obsolete, since you could push away the freshly injected material.

There is no objection to makeup from the day. The irritation of your lips usually lasts for a day or two. During this time, the swelling disappears. And the bruises also fade, so that you can usually see the complete result of your treatment success after a short time.

5 facts about your lip beautification at a glance

You are wondering how exactly your lips are treated. We have summarized the 5 most important facts for you:

  1. Before the procedure, you will receive detailed advice from our experts.
  2. As a patient in our practice, you can only expect an outpatient stay.
  3. Local anesthesia (turbo anesthetic cream or “dental syringe”) is required for treatment
  4. A side effect can be the swelling of the lips. We recommend cooling your lips in practice as a follow-up treatment.
  5. The duration of the treatment success is usually six to twelve months, in very young women with excellent metabolism, or in smokers, it may also be that the shelf life is significantly shorter.

Let our specialists in Frankfurt or Fulda advise you

For sensual full lips, you can have your lips sprayed on in our two practices. Trust the expertise of our specialists in Fulda and Frankfurt:

As a former chief physician, Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus can now look back on 30 years of professional practice in aesthetic and plastic surgery and hand surgery.

Dr. med. Nicole David complements the team with specific experience from 22 years in neurosurgery. They benefit from expert knowledge that also knows the nerve course on your face. This keeps the risk of your treatment low.

If you would like treatment in one of our practices in Fulda or Frankfurt, please feel free to contact us. In a personal conversation between you and our specialists, we clarify in detail what your wishes are and how we can best fulfill them.

Any questions? Please call us

Emergency Number +49 (0) 152 / 2167 8414

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