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Gynecomastia in Fulda and Frankfurt: Quick help thanks to the surgery

With the gynecomastia surgery to new self-confidence

A strong, male breast is the desire of many men of all ages. They suffer all the more from gynecomastia – the so-called men’s breasts. The gynecomastia surgery in Frankfurt or Fulda promises quick help here. Over 50% of men experience abnormal growth in the male mammary gland. The reason for this is a hormonal imbalance in the body with an excessive proportion of the female sex hormone estrogen. For many men, the female-looking breast is a major psychological burden that has significant limitations. An effective way to permanently remove the men’s breast is by surgery, in which the glandular tissue is completely removed. In the Praxis Contour in Fulda and Frankfurt, you benefit from personal advice, individual treatment and the extensive expertise of our specialist, Dr. med. Thomas Feldhaus. In our office hours, we will address your concerns with a great deal of time and care.

The advantages of gynecomastia surgery

  • aesthetically pleasing and lasting result
  • More self-confidence and increased self-esteem after the operation
  • Upper body mobility can be improved
  • Pain caused by gynecomastia subsides

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia describes an unnatural growth of the mammary gland in men. This can occur on one or both sides of the body. The male breast grows in a similar way to puberty in girls.

There are two basic types of breast growth – real and false gynecomastia. In pseudogynecomastia (lipomastia), the enlarged breast arises due to an increased formation of adipose tissue in the area of ​​the breast. This usually forms when you are overweight or obese and can be reduced by losing weight. In real gynecomastia, the female male breast is due to strong growth of the glandular tissue. There are different classifications for determining the severity, which define the different forms of gynecomastia.

Stages of gynecomastia: classification according to Simon

I: Slightly visible breast enlargement without excess skin
IIa: Moderate breast enlargement without excess skin
IIb: Moderate breast enlargement with little excess skin
III: Breast with a feminine shape and underbust fold, ptosis and significant excess of skin

How does real gynecomastia develop?

Real gynecomastia arises due to a change in the hormonal ratio of testosterone and estrogen. The proportion of the female sex hormone estrogen, which is also produced to a small extent in the male body, is too high compared to the proportion of the male sex hormone testosterone. The most common causes of the enlarged male breast include influences such as chronic diseases, medication, nutrition, cosmetics and drugs. In addition, gynecomastia can also be attributed to genetic predispositions. In many boys, gynecomastia occurs during puberty when there is a natural imbalance between male and female hormones. In this case, the male breast usually regresses with age.

What can you do about gynecomastia? – The treatment

Basically, gynecomastia is not a dangerous disease. Nevertheless, the “male breast” often has a strong influence on the self-esteem and self-confidence of affected men, who are usually ashamed of the hormonal disorder. Gynecomastia can also cause pain and a generally uncomfortable feeling in the chest.

So many men choose to have gynecomastia treated. Depending on the cause, there are different treatment approaches that aim to regulate the hormonal balance. This includes implementing a healthy diet, reducing weight, restricting alcohol consumption or taking medications that interfere with the hormone balance. If these treatment approaches are unsuccessful, a gynecomastia surgery is a sensible therapy with which men can get rid of the “men’s breasts” permanently.

Breast surgery in men

In the case of gynecomastia surgery, the treating doctor removes excess glandular tissue and fat through a small incision in the area of ​​the breast. The operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia and usually lasts one to one and a half hours. After the operation, there may be a feeling of tension and chest pain in the first few days, which are treated with pain relievers. The stitches are generally removed eight to ten days after the procedure and the ability to work is restored after a few days. Any sporting activity should be paused for about three weeks after the gynecomastia surgery.

The course of the gynecomastia surgery

Depending on the stage of gynecomastia, the incision may vary. In most cases, the incision is made on the nipple, along the under-breast fold or under the armpit. The plastic-aesthetic surgeon uses this to remove the excess glandular tissue. In some cases, additional liposuction is necessary. In this very pronounced gynecomastia, a cannula is inserted into the skin that sucks off the adipose tissue.

If the gynecomastia is particularly pronounced, it is possible that the skin is so expanded after the removal of the tissue that it cannot adapt to the new breast. In this case, the excess skin is removed. The residual skin is then tightened and can thus create a natural shape again.

At the end of the men’s breast surgery, a drainage is usually placed, which facilitates the drainage of blood and wound secretions. The chest is also supported by a compression bandage. The drainage is removed on the first or second day after the operation.

Gynecomastia surgery in Fulda and Frankfurt

In the Praxis Contour in Fulda or Frankfurt, we work with the latest surgical technology and use our entire know-how to offer you the best possible result of your surgical correction. In a cozy atmosphere, we advise you on your personal concerns and develop a therapy that is tailored to your individual needs

Advice and anamnesis in our office hours

Every treatment in the Praxis Contour is preceded by a comprehensive consultation with an intensive medical history. This includes a physical examination, during which our plastic surgeon Dr. med. Feldhaus provides a clear diagnosis and determines the severity of the gynecomastia. Before surgery, the causes of gynecomastia are clarified.

A balanced diet, a restriction on alcohol consumption or drug therapy may already be an adequate treatment option.

Of course you have the opportunity to ask any questions that Dr. Feldhaus gladly answered.

The operation

In many cases, surgery is an effective way to permanently remove the unwanted “men’s breasts”. Before the operation, our doctor will inform you comprehensively about the procedure as well as the preventive and follow-up care of the operation and you can ask personal questions. Of course, you can always reach us by phone if you have any questions. Depending on the stage of gynecomastia and your individual needs, the operation takes place under local or general anesthesia.

More quality of life – with surgery at gynecomastia in Frankfurt and Fulda

In many cases, gynecomastia surgery is the most effective way to get a strong male breast – a desire that many men experience with unnatural breast growth. In our practices in Fulda and Frankfurt we offer you individual advice, extensive diagnostics and a particularly appealing result.

We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation – just give us a call and arrange a non-binding consultation. The Praxis Contour team is looking forward to your visit!

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